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About Naples Fashion

We are Ulli and Joerg “George” Burghardt & we welcome you to Naples Fashion! 

Naples Fashion is a combination of the two premier resort-wear stores in Naples, FL: Back of the Bay Boutique on one of the nation's most exclusive addresses, 5th Avenue South, and The Osprey at Historic Tin City in Old Naples.

We have over 30 years of experience in the world of fashion, most of which was spent finding styles and products worldwide to bring to the European market. 

Ulli honed her natural eye for trends at the world’s largest mail order retailer QVC. Anticipating tomorrow’s fashion and bringing it to the customer is her greatest passion.  

Joerg, on the other hand, gained his experience at a top watch-industry brand. The time spent there taught him the foundation of big business. 

Combining our talents, we formed our own company in Germany and focused on the distribution of watches, jewelry, and accessories while always striving for cutting-edge styles for our customers.  

 Having spent nearly every vacation for the past 23 years here in Naples, we would dream of life in Florida. So, once our daughter, Michelle, got married to her husband in Savannah, Georgia, we started crafting our plan for the big move. And finally, in the summer of 2018, we decided to move here permanently from Germany. 

After taking over The Osprey from Mary Mardsen in January 2020, we put out feelers to purchase Back of the Bay Boutique from Mary Ladd. Finally, on November 1st, 2020, we became the proud owners of Back of the Bay Boutique.

“They are wonderful people to be around and work with. It was the right opportunity at the right time,” says Mary Mardsen.

Of course, Mary Mardsen and Mary Ladd remain to be vital parts of our team to bring top women's fashion brands like Lulu-B, Jess and Jane, Gigi Moda, ME by MIKE ELLIS, SanSoleil, Tango Mango, LIOR, and many more to the ladies of Southwest Florida and beyond!

Since many residents of Naples spend their summers in the northern states of the US or in Canada and return for the season starting in October, we have created this online store. That way, we can stay in touch with our customers and continue to provide them with their favorite styles.  

 And as always, we will be offering your favorite brands, Lulu-B, Jess and Jane, Gigi Moda (and more!) at our physical stores on 5th Avenue South and Historic Tin City, Naples!